Cambridge Town Bumps 2011

We are making available an unofficial version of the provisional results for this year's CRA Bumping Races in Cambridge. Please note that the official results are only available from the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association and after the nightly bumps meeting to confirm any disputed results, but we aim to get the results up first!

May Bumps final day Milton Brewery Pegasus Cup standings

Well done to Murray Edwards College for winning the Milton Brewery Pegasus Cup today as the only college to get blades for all their crews. I hope you are enjoying a well-deserved boat club dinner tonight!

All week there have been multiple contenders for the Pegasus Cup but finally today a clear winner emerged. First Clare Hall men rowed over in the fourth division, missing blades when they didn't bump a falling Wolfson II. Then carnage in W3 saw Newnham II deprived of blades and a bump even awarded against Clare Hall. This only left Murray Edwards and Newnham in the game but once Murry Edwards bumped in W2 nothing but a shock overbump to the headship could have saved Newnham.

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